2006 Reading List

Thank you for clicking through! Below are the books I've read, are in progress, or are on my "to be read" (TBR) stack. The book titles are linked to Amazon's site if you're interested in purchasing the book. Amazon links open in a single, separate browser window. All BookCrossing links open in a 2nd separate window and all LiveJournal links open in a 3rd separate window.

Number of pages from completed books was 16,863pp from 50 books by 12/29/06. The daily average for the year was 46.5pp.

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No. Status Title & Author Review Link Date Completed
1. Read
Conversations with the Fat Girl, 312pp
By Liza Palmer
Bookcrossing ~3 Jan 2006
2. Read
Southern Vampire (Sookie Stackhouse) 02: Living Dead In Dallas, 262pp (bookring)
By Charlaine Harris
Bookcrossing 7 Jan 2006
3. Read
Women of the Otherworld 02: Stolen, 468pp (bookring)
By Kelley Armstrong
BookCrossing 14 Jan 2006
4. Read
Southern Vampire (Sookie Stackhouse) 03: Club Dead, 258pp (bookring)
By Charlaine Harris
BookCrossing ~21 Jan 2006
5. Read
The Sundering 01: Banewreaker, 487pp
By Jacqueline Carey
BookCrossing ~4 Feb 2006
6. Read
Bel Canto, 318pp (bookring)
By Ann Patchett
Bookcrossing 23 Feb 2006
7. Read
Fat Land: How Americans Became the Fattest People in the World, 184pp (library book)
By Greg Critser
Livejournal ~4 Mar 2006
8. Read
Who Gave Pinta to the Santa Maria?: Torrid Diseases In A Temperate World, 243pp (large softback)
By Robert S. Desowitz
BookCrossing ~8 Mar 2006
9. Read
Earth's Children 02: The Valley of Horses, 544pp
By Jean Auel
BookCrossing ~17 Mar 2006
10. Read
Southern Vampire (Sookie Stackhouse) 04: Dead to the World, 310pp (bookring)
By Charlaine Harris
BookCrossing ~20 Mar 2006
11. Read
Fever 1793, 251pp (young adult pbk)
By Laurie Halse Anderson
BookCrossing ~25 Mar 2006
12. Read
Healthy Aging : A Lifelong Guide to Your Physical and Spiritual Well-Being, 304pp (library hardback)
By Andrew Weil
LiveJournal ~6 Apr 2006
13. Read
The Tale of Murasaki, 416pp (bookring)
By Liza Dalby
BookCrossing ~30 Apr 2006
14. Read
Why the Jews Rejected Jesus : The Turning Point in Western History, 222pp (library hardcover)
By David Klinghoffer
Livejournal ~13 May 2006
15. Read
Hokkaido Highway Blues : Hitchhiking Japan, 433pp (large library hardback)
By Will Ferguson
Livejournal ~20 May 2006
16. Read
Our Endangered Values : America's Moral Crisis, 202pp (library book)
By Jimmy Carter
Livejournal ~3 June 2006
17. Read
American Theocracy: The Peril and Politics of Radical Religion, Oil, and Borrowed Money in the 21st Century, 394pp (library book)
By Kevin Phillips
Livejournal 17 June 2006
18. Read
You Got to Dance with Them What Brung You: Politics in the Clinton Years, 245pp (Hardback, bookring)
By Molly Ivins
BookCrossing 24 June 2006
19. Read
Women of the Otherworld 05: Haunted, 495pp
By Kelley Armstrong
BookCrossing 26 June 2006
20. Read
The Dirty Girls Social Club, 308pp
By Alisa Valdes-Rodriguez
BookCrossing 30 June 2006
21. Read
Merry Gentry 03: Seduced By Moonlight, 367pp (Hardback)
By Laurell K. Hamilton
BookCrossing 3 Jul 2006
22. Read
The Face, 649pp
By Dean Koontz
BookCrossing 9 Jul 2006
23. Read
One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, 272pp (small, dense font ppback)
By Ken Kesey
BookCrossing 22 July 2006
24. Read
Titan, 309pp
By John Varley
BookCrossing 26 July 2006
25. Read
Ten Big Ones, 319pp
By Janet Evanovich
BookCrossing 27 July 2006
26. Read
Eleven On Top, 321pp
By Janet Evanovich
BookCrossing 30 July 2006
27. Read
The Fallen, 268pp (library book)
By Thomas E. Sniegoski
LiveJournal 31 July 2006
28. Read
The Red Tent, 321pp (trade paperback)
By Anita Diamant
BookCrossing 6 August 2006
29. Read
White Oleander, 390pp (hardback)
By Janet Fitch
BookCrossing 12 August 2006
30. Read
Once Upon A Galaxy, 318pp (bookring)
By various authors
BookCrossing 26 Aug 2006
31. Read
The Fallen 02: Leviathan, 262pp (library YA book)
By Thomas E. Sniegoski
Livejournal 28 Aug 2006
32. Read
Twelve Sharp, 413pp (library hardback, HUMONGOUS print)
By Janet Evanovich
Livejournal 30 Aug 2006
33. Read
The Earthsea Cycle 01: A Wizard of Earthsea, 198pp (library book, small print)
By Ursula K. Le Guin
LiveJournal 5 Sept 2006
34. Read
Rachel Morgan 04: A Fistful of Charms, 510pp
By Kim Harrison
BookCrossing 8 Sept 2006
35. Read
The Fallen 03: Aerie, 306pp (library YA book)
By Thomas E. Sniegoski
Livejournal 10 Sept 2006
36. Read
The Fallen 04: Reckoning, 263pp (library YA book)
By Thomas E. Sniegoski
Livejournal 12 Sept 2006
37. Read
The Five People You Meet In Heaven, 196pp (small book, large font)
By Mitch Alboum
BookCrossing 12 Sept 2006
38. Read
Eon, 502pp
By Greg Bear
BookCrossing ~24 Sept 2006
39. Read
Southern Vampire (Sookie Stackhouse) 05: Dead As A Doornail, 295pp (Hardback)
By Charlaine Harris
BookCrossing 08 Oct 2006
40. Read
Awakening the Buddha Within, 395pp
By Lama Surya Das
BookCrossing 14 Nov 2006
41. Read
Harper Connelly 01: Grave Sight, 293pp
By Charlaine Harris
BookCrossing 18 Nov 2006
42. Read
Annie Freeman's Fabulous Traveling Funeral, 331pp
By Kris Radish
BookCrossing 28 Nov 2006
43. Read
Mammoth, 341pp
By John Varley
BookCrossing 29 Nov 2006
44. Read
Uplift 01: Sundiver, 340pp
By David Brin
BookCrossing 9 Dec 2006
45. Read
The Secret Life of Bees, 374pp
By Sue Monk Kidd
BookCrossing 13 Dec 2006
46. Read
Weather Warden 01: Ill Wind, 337pp
By Rachel Caine
BookCrossing 15 Dec 2006
47 Read
Weather Warden 02: Heat Stroke, 335pp
By Rachel Caine
BookCrossing 17 Dec 2006
48 Read
Weather Warden 03: Chill Factor, 337pp
By Rachel Caine
BookCrossing 19 Dec 2006
49 Read
Weather Warden 04: Windfall, 342pp
By Rachel Caine
BookCrossing 24 Dec 2006
50 Read
Weather Warden 05: Firestorm, 303pp
By Rachel Caine
BookCrossing 29 Dec 2006

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