2007 Reading List

"Some women have a weakness for shoes... I can go barefoot if necessary. I have a weakness for books." - Oprah Winfrey

Thank you for clicking through! Below are the books I've read, are in progress, or are on my "to be read" (TBR) stack. The book titles are linked to Amazon's site if you're interested in purchasing the book. Amazon links open in a single, separate browser window. All BookCrossing links open in a 2nd separate window and all LiveJournal links open in a 3rd separate window.

Number of pages from completed books in 2007: 7906pp from 20 books. A daily average of 21.7pp. Or 8350pp total, 21 books, 22.9pp daily average.

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No. Status Title & Author Review Link Date Completed
1. Read
Dresden Files 07: Dead Beat, 427pp
By Jim Butcher
Bookcrossing 6 Jan 2007
2. Read
The Seven Daughters of Eve: The Science That Reveals Our Genetic Ancestry, 297pp
By Bryan Sykes
BookCrossing 15 Jan 2007
3. Read
Adam's Curse: The Science That Reveals Our Genetic Destiny, 308pp
By Bryan Sykes
BookCrossing 26 Jan 2007
4. Read
Vitals, 392pp
By Greg Bear
BookCrossing 6 Feb 2007?
5. Read
Southern Vampire (Sookie Stackhouse) 06: Definitely Dead, 324pp (hardback)
By Charlaine Harris
BookCrossing 14 Feb 2007
6. Read
Dresden Files 08: Proven Guilty, 479pp
By Jim Butcher
BookCrossing 24 Feb 2007
7. Read
The Witch of Cologne, 464pp
By Tobsha Learner
Bookcrossing 7 Mar 2007
8. Read
The Shadow of the Wind, 487pp
By Carlos Ruiz Zafón
Bookcrossing 26 Mar 2007
9. Read
The Nanny Diaries, 306pp
By Emma McLaughlin & Nicola Kraus
Bookcrossing 2 Apr 2007
10. Read
Kiln People, 568pp
By David Brin
Bookcrossing 20 Apr 2007
11. Read
Affluenza: The All-Consuming Epidemic, 236pp (Trade paperback)
By John De Graaf, David Wann, & Thomas H. Naylor
Bookcrossing 22 May 2007
12. Read
Glory Seekers, 472pp
By Rebecca Brandewyne
Bookcrossing 28 May 2007
13. Read
Waking the Moon, 497pp
By Elizabeth Hand
pending 10 June 2007
14. Read
Stardust, 256pp
By Neil Gaiman
pending 9 Aug 2007
15. Read
How to Know God, 305pp (Hardback)
By Deepak Chopra
pending 26 Sept 2007
16. Read
Brick Lane, 415pp (Trade paperback)
By Monica Ali
pending 8 Oct 2007
17. Read
Take the Bait, 325pp
By S.W. Hubbard
pending 10 Oct 2007
18. Read
Eternity (Sequel to Eon), 367pp
By Greg Bear
pending 3 Nov 2007
19. Read
The Death of Vishnu, 295pp (hardback)
By Manil Suri
pending 12 Dec 2007
20. Read
Coldheart Canyon, 686pp
By Clive Barker
pending 01 Jan 2007
Unknown Read
Women of the Otherworld 06: Broken, 444pp
By Kelley Armstrong
pending Unknown 2007

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