2008 Reading List

"Some women have a weakness for shoes... I can go barefoot if necessary. I have a weakness for books." - Oprah Winfrey

Thank you for clicking through! Below are the books I've read, are in progress, or are on my "to be read" (TBR) stack. The book titles are linked to Amazon's site if you're interested in purchasing the book. Amazon links open in a single, separate browser window. All BookCrossing links open in a 2nd separate window and all LiveJournal links open in a 3rd separate window.

Current number of pages from 42 completed books: 13544pp. A daily average of 37.0pp for the year.

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No. Status Title & Author Review Link Date Completed
1. Read
Dresden Files 09: White Night, 404pp (Large Hardback)
By Jim Butcher
pending 06 Jan 2008
2. Read
The Renunciates (Free Amazons) 03: City of Sorcery, 423pp
By Marion Zimmer Bradley
pending 24 Jan 2008
3. Read
The Invisible Ring, 398pp
By Anne Bishop
pending 01 Feb 2008
4. Read
Full House, 230pp (Hardback)
By Stephen Jay Gould
pending 13 Mar 2008
5. Read
Rachel Morgan 05: For A Few Demons More, 512pp
By Kim Harrison
pending 13 Mar 2008
6. Read
Better Off, 247pp
By Eric Brende
pending 23 Apr 2008
7. Read
Weather Warden 06: Thin Air, 307pp
By Rachel Caine
pending 30 Apr 2008
8. Read
Sweet and Deadly, 262pp
By Charlaine Harris
pending 03 May 2008
9. Read
Six-Pound Walleye: A Jake Hines Mystery, 253pp
By Elizabeth Gunn
pending 24 May 2008
10. Read
Th Cat Who Went Bananas, 223pp
By Lilian Jackson Braun
pending 11 June 2008
11. Read
Mistress of Dragons, 381pp
By Margaret Weis
pending 19 June 2008
12. Read
Japanese Pilgrimage, 326pp (library book)
By Oliver Statler
pending 28 June 2008
13. Read
Captain Alatriste, 248pp
By Arturo Pérez-Reverte
pending 29 June 2008
14. Read
Lean Mean Thirteen, 310pp (library book)
By Janet Evanovich
pending 30 June 2008
15. Read
Harper Connelly 02: Grave Surprise, 295pp (library book)
By Charlaine Harris
pending 02 July 2008
16. Read
The Cat Who Had 60 Whiskers, 190pp (library book)
By Lilian Jackson Braun
pending 7 July 2008
17. Read
Plum Lovin', 164pp (library book)
By Janet Evanovich
pending 8 July 2008
18. Read
Plum Lucky, 166pp (library book)
By Janet Evanovich
pending 12 July 2008
19. Read
Looking Glass Wars 01: The Looking Glass Wars, 358pp
By Frank Beddor
pending 16 July 2008
20. Read
Chronicles of Saint-Germain 16: Midnight Harvest, 434pp
By Chelsea Quinn Yarbro
pending 3 Aug 2008
21. Read
Looking Glass Wars 02: Seeing Redd, 371pp (library book)
By Frank Beddor
pending 12 Aug 2008
22. Read
A Year Without "Made in China": One Family's True Life Adventure in the Global Economy, 227pp (library book)
By Sara Bongiorni
pending 19 Aug 2008
23. Read
Twilight, 527pp (library book)
By Stephenie Meyer
pending 26 Aug 2008
24. Read
The Bill of Wrongs, 180pp (library book)
By Molly Ivins
pending 3 Sept 2008
25. Read
A Companion to Wolves, 302pp (library book)
By Sarah Monette & Elizabeth Bear
pending 10 Sept 2008
26. Read
Merry Gentry 04: A Stroke of Midnight, 366pp (library book)
By Laurell K Hamilton
pending 13 Sept 2008
27. Read
Merry Gentry 05: Mistral's Kiss, 212pp (library book)
By Laurell K Hamilton
pending 16 Sept 2008
28. Read
Merry Gentry 06: A Lick of Frost, 274pp (library book)
By Laurell K Hamilton
pending 18 Sept 2008
29. Read
I Have Chosen To Stay And Fight, 237pp (library book)
By Margaret Cho
pending 22 Sept 2008
30. Read
The Legend That Was Earth, 346pp (library book)
By James P. Hogan
pending 6 Oct 2008
31. Read
Dresden Files 10: Small Favor, 420pp (library book)
By Jim Butcher
pending 9 Oct 2008
32. Read
Pebble in the Sky, 255pp (library book)
By Isaac Asimov
pending 16 Oct 2008
33. Read
Rachel Morgan 06: The Outlaw Demon Wails, 455pp (library book)
By Kim Harrison
pending 21 Oct 2008
34. Read
Sunshine, 389pp (library book)
By Robin McKinley
pending 27 Oct 2008
35. Read
The Scent of Shadows: The First Sign of the Zodiac, 455pp
By Vicki Pettersson
pending 4 Nov 2008
36. Read
Codex 01: Furies of Calderon, 502pp
By Jim Butcher
pending 15 Nov 2008
37. Read
When My Name Was Keoko, 196pp
By Linda Sue Park
pending 22 Nov 2008
38. Read
Nickel and Dimed: On (Not) Getting By in America, 221pp
By Barbara Ehrenreich
pending 1 Dec 2008
39. Read
Bones of the Earth, 333pp
By Michael Swanwick
pending 9 Dec 2008
40. Read
Anita Blake 14: Danse Macabre, 483pp
By Laurell K. Hamilton
pending 21 Dec 2008
41. Read
Harper Connelly 03: An Ice Cold Grave, 280pp
By Charlaine Harris
pending 23 Dec 2008
42. Read
Inside Straight: A Wild Card Novel, 382pp
By George R.R. Martin et al
pending 1 Jan 2009

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